Katy Dentist Offering the Best in Restorative Dentistry

Finding a Katy dentist that can address all of your dental needs is pivotal. At Grand Smiles Dental in Katy, we have all of the latest technologies to perform every dental procedure, including dental implants, dental crowns, as well as orthodontic work. Dr. Dat Pham specializes in restorative dentistry, which is applied when teeth have suffered from bad hygiene, traumatic injury, or poor genetics.

When teeth have bad cavities from bad hygiene or bad genetics, the teeth begin to weaken, which makes it easier for them to chip and break. The cavities can also affect your gums, resulting in gum disease.

When to Have Fillings and Dental Crowns

For bad cavities, teeth can usually be saved with fillings or dental crowns at our Katy dental office. Through this process, the cavity is shaved away to reveal only the healthy part of the tooth. A strong cement, or filling, is placed in the tooth, making it strong and healthy again. This can be done if the cavity and decay has not reached too far into the root system.

Dental crowns can also be used in case of similar problems. The crown covers the top of the tooth, protecting it throughout the lifetime of the patient – that is if the patient continues to keep a healthy oral lifestyle.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Just the name of root canal is enough to send chills down the spine, but that’s only if you had to get a root canal back in the old days. With today’s advances in medicine and dentistry, a root canal is nothing to fear. We aren’t advocating that you not take care of your teeth, but if a root canal is necessary, Dr. Pham can make it a seamless and painless process.

A root canal is necessary once the decay in a tooth has reached the root system. At this point, a filling or a dental crown will not suffice. Moderate to severe pain is commonly associated with decay reaching this point. If you are having pain with a tooth, then schedule your appointment immediately to have it checked. A root canal might be avoided if addressed promptly.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been utilized for severely decayed teeth or teeth that must be removed because of genetic issues, like impacting teeth or teeth that never grew in. These implants are made from titanium, a very strong, biocompatible material.

These dental implants are designed to look exactly like your regular teeth and to last your entire lifetime. They are sturdy and secured to be able to perform every task teeth are created to perform. Implants are commonly used when someone has undergone a traumatic injury and their teeth have been forcibly removed.

Are Braces Part of Katy Dentist’s Restorative Care?

Yes, braces can be part of restorative dentistry, depending on what is needed for your teeth. If your teeth are impacted due to genetic problems, then braces would help align the teeth to make them more appealing, remove areas where food can hide, and have them performing correctly. Severely crooked, misaligned or impacted teeth can cause numerous problems with chewing, speaking, and can be a deterrent to smiling.

Dr. Pham will inform you if braces should be a part of your restorative process.

If you are in need of restorative dentistry, contact our Katy dental office today and schedule your appointment and consultation. Dr. Pham will take a close look at what dental issues you may have and how to go about addressing and fixing them.