Receiving Dental Implants from Katy Dentist Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Receiving dental implants is definitely a topic of conversation most people would like to avoid. In fact, if one would like to avoid the topic, there is little wonder how much the procedure would like to be avoided.

Unfortunately, for many people, a dental implant operation can’t be avoided – or at least definitely shouldn’t be avoided. The mere idea of undergoing a tooth replacement procedure is tough to consider, but at Grand Smiles Dental, the Katy dentist office located outside of Houston, there is little reason to concern yourself with the thought of discomfort, pain, or any other negatively assumed idea.

Dr. Dat Pham, one of Katy’s best dentist, has been performing dental implant procedures for a long time and has perfected his method of performing this oral surgery operation to ensure it is a painless procedure.

Common Reasons for Receiving Dental Implants from Our Katy Dental Office

The reasons for needing a dental implant, or tooth replacement procedure, varies quite dramatically. And typically, it’s dramatic situations that are the root of the problem. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Broken tooth: We all love to eat, but some things we consume can be not only dangerous to our bodies, but also to our teeth. Hard candies are a good example. Often hard substances can cause a break in the teeth, including molars. Teeth are more susceptible to breakage if they aren’t cared for thoroughly. Poor dental hygiene causes the teeth to become weak and more apt to breaking. Depending on how bad the break is, a dental implant may be needed.
  • Missing tooth or teeth: The reasons for missing teeth can be because of poor dental hygiene or injury. A traumatic experience, like playing sports or falling off of a bike, can cause teeth to become knocked out. In this case, a dental implant is most needed.
  • Poor dental hygiene: Not taking care of your teeth has numerous negative effects, including eroding teeth. As teeth become engulfed with cavities and surrounded by gum disease, dental implants and dental implant bridges become a necessity. Although, dental implants replace these bad teeth, they should be treated as regular teeth and brushed twice daily and flossed.

Do You Need a Dental Implant?

Are you in need of receiving dental implants? Dr. Pham, your Katy dentist, will ensure your visit and procedure goes according to plan, which includes keeping pain out of the picture. Schedule your dental implant procedure today at 281-402-8188 or fill out the online form.