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Smile Makeover

About Smile Makeovers at Grand Smiles Katy Dental Clinic


A smile is the ultimate way to express good feelings. While most of us dream of having the perfect smile, most of us are not so lucky. You will be delighted to know, we can make your smile makeover dreams come true at Grand Smiles Dental, the leading Katy dental clinic.

A smile makeover service may combine a number of dental treatments which would repair and restore the functionality and natural look of your smile. Our leading Katy dental clinic offers excellent and effective smile makeover treatments, so that you can smile with confidence, no matter how severe your dental problems are.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Some people have oral birth defects, while others have chipped, cracked, broken or damaged teeth due to decay or injury/trauma. No matter what the case is, a smile makeover can make things perfect again. Smile makeover involves a number of cosmetic and reconstructive dental treatments to repair and hide your dental imperfections.

With years of experience and expertise in the field of smile makeovers, the staff at our Katy Dental clinic makes sure that the treatments we offer not only correct any functional problems but also result in a radiant smile which makes you feel more confident.

Smile Makeover options at the Katy Dental Clinic

As mentioned above, a smile makeover procedure involves a number of treatments that depend upon your oral health and current dental condition. The following treatments are offered as part of the smile makeover treatment at the Katy dental clinic:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: This would focus on the aesthetic factors and enhance the appearance of your teeth. With cosmetic dentistry you’ll be able to get whiter and shinier teeth that are essential for a bright smile. The cosmetic treatments include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and other such procedures. At Grand Smiles Dental, you’ll find state-of-the art facilities that will make you comfortable while the dentist works on your teeth.
  • Restorative Dentistry: Restorative procedures focus more on restoring the functionality of the teeth. So along with making your teeth look good, you’ll also be able to get rid of the troubles that make eating, chewing and talking a big problem. At our Katy Dental clinic we get rid of your structural flaws with help of dental implants, crowns, dental bridges and full mouth rehabilitation.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover at Grand Smiles Dental

  • Consistent Look: If you choose the Smile Makeover service at our Katy Dental clinic, you’ll have a consistent and even look since you’ll always be treated by the same dentist. There will not be any differences or variations due to different techniques and materials.
  • Fewer Visits: You’ll have to pay far fewer visits to our clinic if you opt for our smile makeover service. We will be able to group the procedures in a manner that makes the experience as painless and efficient as possible.
  • Cost-Effective: Smile Makeover is a very cost-effective method, since we’ll be taking care of all the functional and aesthetic factors so that you don’t suffer from redundant dental problems. In other words, you save a lot of money in the long run and you will be thrilled with the results of your smile makeover.

If you’re thinking about getting a Smile Makeover, call us at Grand Smiles Katy Dental Clinic today.

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