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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the collective term for techniques applied to restore the oral health, from a functional as well as aesthetic point of view. It is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the teeth and gums as well as their supporting structures. The goal of restorative dentistry being to regain both the functional and visual aspects of the patient’s teeth.

You may encounter lost functionality and excessive pain during chewing and swallowing due to a missing or a damaged tooth caused by dental disease or injury. This is where restorative dentistry steps in. A broken tooth may even be a source of embarrassment, causing you to smile less often. If you’re suffering from these dental problems, then restorative dentistry is for you.

Grand Smiles Dental is a leading provider of restorative dentistry serving the Katy and Cinco Ranch areas in and offering best-in-class restorative dentistry solutions. Through our work, we aim not only to restore your original tooth structure but also to give you back your confident smile. Our Katy dental clinic offers restorative dentistry options including implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.

Restorative Dentistry Options at our Katy Dental Clinic

At Grand Smiles Dental, our dentists practice the following restorative dentistry options to help you forget pain and embarrassment so you can walk away with a smile:

Dental Implants

If you are troubled by a missing tooth or have a dental crown, bridge, or dentures that shift or slip, dental implants can be the best solution for you. Grand Smiles Dental is one of the best dental clinics in Katy that specializes in dental implants.

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Dental Crowns

Many times a cracked, decayed or chipped tooth may develop due to injuries or poor oral habits. This not only robs you of your beautiful smile, but it hurts your mouth and impairs your ability to chew or swallow your food properly. Dental crowns can help restore the functionality and aesthetic qualities of such teeth. At Grand Smiles Katy Dental Clinic our restorative dentistry experts use the most natural looking dental crowns to cover your affected tooth completely.

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Dental Bridges

Grand Smiles Dental, the best Katy Dental clinic, offers dental bridges to fill the space that arises as a result of missing teeth. Besides lost functionality, missing teeth can make you smile less often. Our restorative dentistry experts specialize in offering the most natural-looking bridges to blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth, creating a very natural look.

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Full or partial dentures are recommended for people who have lost most or all of their teeth. This may happen due to a variety of reasons which include old age, dental diseases, injuries, etc. In such cases people find it difficult to chew, talk, or smile. Without the support of teeth, the shape of the mouth gets distorted and the facial muscles become slack. We are a Katy dental clinic that offers the most advanced dentures that look good, are comfortable to wear, and are long-lasting as well.

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