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Dental Crowns by Your Katy Dentist

For most people, dealing with a cavity is less than ideal, but it has happened. Cavities take place over time, even for people who actively brush, floss and rinse. The fact of the matter is that bacteria creeps and stays in the mouth nearly throughout the day forcing us to receive dental crowns. Staying active with brushing your teeth, flossing daily, and rinsing with mouthwash are all part of what Dr. Dat Pham, Katy dentist and founder of Grand Smiles Dental, recommends to all of his patients.

Why Would You Need a Dental Crown?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always keep cavities from taking root in teeth. The fluids we drink and the items we eat can really impact the health of our teeth. Just about everything we eat has simple sugars added into the mix of ingredients. Sugars are a primary reason why cavities happen.

When cavities take root and being to eat at the tooth, it must be removed by being shaved out. If the cavity is taken care of in enough time, then dental fillings can be used to stop the growth of the cavity. But if it isn’t taken care of in a timely manner, then dental crowns become a necessity.

How Does a Dental Crown Work?

The decayed areas of the tooth must be removed by being shaved away. Once the cavity is fully removed from the tooth, the remainder of the tooth must be covered. This is where your Katy dentist steps in and places a dental crown over the remaining part of the tooth.

The dental crown protects the rest of the tooth from future cavities. This doesn’t mean, however, that dental patients should not take a proactive approach to their teeth. They should still continue to brush consistently, floss and rinse daily. Cavities can still take effect in what remains of the tooth or gum disease could occur.

Keeping a close eye on your teeth is sound suggestion and for those teeth that need dental crowns, your Katy dentist, Dr. Pham, is here to ensure you receive them in a timely manner.

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