Traditional and Invisalign Braces from Your Katy Dentist

For various reasons, people need braces – traditional or Invisalign braces. Crooked or misaligned teeth. Teeth that are gapped in various spots. The number one reason for getting braces is to have a straight and beautiful smile.

At Grand Smiles Dental in Katy, we understand the importance of having a great smile. It affects your confidence and can have an impact on your social life. One of the first things people remember about you is your smile; it is also a major part of that first impression that can linger over time.

What Invisalign Braces Can Do for You

Our Katy dentist office, just on the outskirts of the Greater Houston area, offers traditional metal braces, as well as Invisalign. A majority of younger patients are recommended traditional braces, especially when the teeth a majorly crooked or misaligned. There are, however, Invisalign braces for teenagers, called Invisalign Teen. These are chosen for those who wish not have a major change made to their appearance.

Invisalign also allows patients to eat whatever they want because the trays placed on the teeth are removable, allowing for users to brush and flush every area of the mouth and teeth. It is recommended that certain foods, like hard nuts, gum, and other sticky items, be avoided when wearing traditional braces because they could become stuck in the braces.

Our Katy dentist recommends that if you choose to wear Invisalign braces to wear them no less than 20 to 22 hours per day. This is ensures that they are being the most effective to straightening your teeth.

Invisalign is often chosen by adults because there isn’t the sudden noticeable change in their appearance. Men and women in the corporate world particularly prefer Invisalign over traditional.

The Difference with Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces have been around since the early 1800’s, but they have definitely come along way in their effectiveness, as well as their appearance. At our Katy dental office, we provide only the most effective braces, in order to shorten the amount of time the braces have to be worn. Of course, every patient is different; therefore, the amount of time required varies.

As is common knowledge, the traditional braces must be worn at all times until the specified time by your dentist. Dr. Dat Pham ensures the braces are never removed prematurely. If braces are removed too soon, the teeth can become crooked, gapped or misaligned again.

Braces also can be made to look fashionable by changing the colors, so you can match up for certain seasons, eye color, or simply because you have a favorite color.

At Grand Smiles Dental, we will meet with you or your family member to check your teeth to see what kind of braces would work best, how long the braces should stay on, and will discuss what all has to be done to make sure your teeth get corrected.

To schedule your orthodontics appointment or consultation with us, just call us at 281-402-8188 or fill out our online form on our homepage. We look forward to seeing you.