Dental implants are often the best option when it comes to replacing teeth.

Katy Dentist Offering the Best in Dental Implants

Over time, dental implants become more necessary. Due to teeth extractions, whether on purpose or accident, tooth decay, or teeth that simply do not grow under the first set of teeth, dental implants are often the best option.

At Grand Smiles Dental, your Katy dentist, Dr. Dat Pham, utilizes only the best dental technology and surgical practices when performing any type of tooth replacement procedure. Dental implants are a great way to sure up your smile and remove any gaps that may exist. Often, a dental bridge is utilized when several teeth are missing.

Dental implants are just like teeth. They are durable, expected to last the lifetime of the patient. Keep in mind, however, when receiving a dental implant that they need to be cared for just as one would a regular teeth. This means that brushing thoroughly, approximately three minutes twice daily, flossing once daily, and rinsing with mouthwash, should be conducted. Good oral hygiene is the best way to ensure that your teeth remain strong and in place.

How to Know You Need Dental Implants

It may be difficult to decipher when to receive a dental implant or dental implants, which is why trusting your oral health to an experienced Katy dentist in the Greater Houston area is so pivotal to good overall health. For this reason, Dr. Pham has become a preferred option for so many in Houston and primarily in Katy. He will provide you with a thorough oral check up to see how healthy your teeth are and if a dental implant is needed.

Not every case of tooth decay requires a dental implant. In fact, most often, teeth can be corrected with fillings and root canals. Grand Smiles Dental offers dental crowns, and for those with more severe needs, our Katy dental office provides full mouth reconstruction.

If you are considering receiving a dental implant, dental implants, dental bridge, or any other type of dental procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pham at Grand Smiles Dental in Katy at 281-402-8188 or fill out the online form.