Get All of Your Dental Procedures at Our Katy Dentist Office

Dental implant surgery is a very serious procedure and is the best way to keep your smile intact and your mouth healthy. Dental implants are made of the strongest type of material. They are typically made of titanium, which is a material accepted by the human body so there are no health issues or anatomical rejections.

At Grand Smiles Dental, Katy dentist Dr. Dat Pham utilizes dental implants for tooth replacement or teeth replacement surgery. Every patient is different and each has a different reason for needing the dental replacement procedure or any of our available dental procedures. Some patients have lost a tooth because it was knocked out via accident or injury, while others have a broken or decayed tooth that must be replaced.


The great thing about scheduling your dentist appointment at our Katy dental office is that you are able to have all of your dental needs met in one place. Dr. Pham is able to diagnose your oral health problems and discover exactly what you need whether it be a dental implant, dental crown, or a root canal. Once the diagnosis has been made, your Katy dentist can seamlessly correct your oral problem and get you back to your normal life and make your smile great again.

Why Our Patients Love Grand Smiles for Their Dental Procedures

Cheryl Rothwell, one of our Katy dental patients, compared her experience with Grand Smiles Dental with one of her friend’s experience who goes to another dental office in the Greater Houston area. They both received dental implants, but Cheryl was able to have her oral surgery procedure conducted in one place at one time, while her friend had to travel between dentists, making the dental procedures more arduous than it should have been.

“Dr. Pham handles every aspect of the dentistry,” she said. “There isn’t any other place you have to go. If you come to Dr. Pham, he can take you from start to finish on your dental work. You don’t have to go visit a surgeon or any other aspect of dentistry.”

Trusting your oral health to your Katy dentist and Grand Smiles Dental in Katy will make your life much easier. Schedule your dental appointment today at 281-402-8188 or fill out the online form. Also, follow us on Facebook and Google+.